Boots UK has announced plans to introduce a new specialist pharmacist practitioner role.

The role will recognise pharmacists who combine the highest level of clinical competence with a drive to innovate at pharmacy level, appropriate for those pharmacists who are operating at the cutting edge of community pharmacy practice spanning a range of activities from pioneering research to outstanding clinical impact in the local community.

Any pharmacist working for Boots can apply for the role, as long as they meet certain criteria, including being qualified for at least 18 months. It is preferable that they are an Independent Prescriber and having expertise in the workings of both internal and external pharmacy.

Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist at Boots UK comments: “As the landscape of pharmacy changes, the role of the pharmacist is evolving to respond to the additional opportunities to further impact patients’ lives, and as an organisation, we want to ensure we attract and retain the very best pharmacist colleagues. As part of our overall career progression strategy, we want to ensure we have clear clinical career pathways and support available to all our pharmacists.

“To achieve this we have launched a new role: Specialist Pharmacist Practitioner. This role recognises pharmacists who are delivering enhanced clinical care in their communities and offers a way for our experienced pharmacists to further their career at Boots.