C4X Discovery has announced the formation of a new Drug Discovery Advisory Network, to be headed up by industry veteran Robin Carr, who has worked at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Astex.

The company has announced that the Advisory Network will "bring together small molecule drug discovery and development experts from across the globe", and has been formed to harness industry expertise to build on C4XD’s drug discovery capabilities and attract valuable relationships that have the potential to advance its goal of becoming the "world’s most productive drug discovery company".

The team will act as ambassadors for C4XD within the biotech and pharmaceutical community, building awareness of C4XD’s technologies, capabilities and business. Through their extensive relationships and industry knowledge, they will identify pioneering complementary drug discovery technologies and collaborators that have the potential to accelerate or improve delivery of C4XD’s portfolio.

Clive Dix, chief executive officer of the company, said that it is “delighted to announce the formation of our Advisory Network and to be working closely with prestigious world leading experts in drug discovery. As part of our strategy to become the world’s most productive drug discovery company, we are continually enhancing both our network and expertise.”

“As international thought leaders, the Advisory Network’s deep industry expertise will enable us to accelerate progress of our portfolio and we are particularly proud that Robin will be Chair. Under Robin’s guidance, we believe the Advisory Network will advance our vision and reputation within the industry.”