The Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Catapult has announced the formation of a consortium of over 20 organisations, which will aim to accelerate technology development in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

The consortium consists of pharmaceutical companies, technology providers, therapy developers and charities.

It will aim to assess the application and combination of a number of process analytic technologies (PAT) with the aim of developing cell and gene therapy specific PAT.

In a statement, the CGT Catapult said the development of cell and gene therapy industry-specific PAT is key to enabling monitoring and control during the manufacturing process.

The partners will utilise a collaborative work model, sharing data from each of their own research, to accelerate expertise in this area and develop industry-specific knowledge.

This knowledge, according to the CGT Catapult, will enable technology providers and manufacturers to potentially develop lower cost and ‘more robust’ manufacturing processes for cell and gene therapies.

“The industry needs to make a giant leap in terms of analytical capability and the dynamic use of information to control and improve processes, product and costs. The coming together of these leaders in the field is a very important first step towards achieving this,” said Matthew Durdy, chief executive officer of the CGT Catapult.

“By sharing knowledge and data, the consortium members will be able to reap potentially huge benefits that could lead to more efficient processes in this vital field. The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult – supported by Innovate UK – is demonstrating its fantastic convening power in harnessing these leading industry players for the greater good of UK enterprise and innovation,” added Nicholas Medcalf, deputy challenge director - medicines manufacturing for Innovate UK.