Cell Medica has signed a research deal with University College London for access to its novel T cell receptor technology, in a bid to generate leading-edge modified TCR products for the treatment of cancer.

The deal gives the company an exclusive worldwide option and licence agreement for these technologies, as well as TCR gene sequences for the development and commercialisation of specific products.

Under the collaboration, UCL will conduct the preclinical and early clinical research under the guidance of a Joint Steering Committee, and Cell Medica will support the product development work with its experience in manufacturing clinical-grade cell therapies and establishing robust production processes suitable for industrial scale-up.

When successful first-in-man studies are complete, the products will transfer to Cell Medica for later-stage clinical development and commercialisation.

Cell Medica has paid an undisclosed up-front fee and will make additional payments to exercise its exclusive option to license future products, and UCL is eligible to receive further payments related to clinical, regulatory and sales milestones, as well as single digit royalties.