The Cell Therapy (CT) Catapult, set up at Guy’s Hospital in London as a centre of translational excellence for regenerative medicine in the UK, has now published its database of ongoing preclinical research.

The release of the database, which details 37 cell-therapy projects believed by the CT Catapult to be within two years of the clinic, follows the publication in January of the Cell Therapy Catapult UK Clinical Trials Database.

An update to that database has been released in parallel with the UK Preclinical Research Database.

Track trends

The CT Catapult will use the preclinical database to track cell-therapy trends and guide its future activities.

The database, which includes all academic and commercial preclinical projects ongoing in the UK and with a therapeutic (rather than platform) objective, regardless of the sponsor’s nationality, shows that:

•    92% of UK preclinical projects are sponsored by a research institution.

•    They include autologous and allogeneic cell types in roughly equal proportions.

•    Various cell types are under investigation, with bone marrow and T cells dominating.

•    There is significant preclinical activity in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular disease, ophthalmology and bone/cartilage. 

The update to the Cell Therapy Catapult UK Clinical Trials Database reveals:

•    A total of 34 trials are now ongoing, up from 24 in December 2012.

•    The autologous/allogeneic stem-cell split is now 2:1 (previously 1:1).

•    The database includes 31 early-stage (Phase I, I/II or II) trials and three late-stage trials.

•    The inclusion criteria have been amended to take in ex vivo genetically modified cells (four trials).

Executive appointment

The Cell Therapy Catapult also announced the appointment of Professor Johan Hyllner to its executive management team as chief scientific officer (CSO).

Professor Hyllner joins the Catapult from French company Cellectis SA, where he was CSO for Cellectis Stem Cells.

He has worked in the cell-therapy industry for more than 15 years, filling a range of management roles at companies such as Cellectis, Cellartis, Vitrolife and QC Laboratories.