US-based information source CenterWatch has agreed to share its clinical trials listing database with TrialX, the recently launched online platform where patients can connect with investigators and enrol in clinical studies.

Under the three-year partnership, the listings will appear simultaneously on the respective websites, and CenterWatch will also benefit from TrialX’s integration with a range of online services, including social media sites (e.g., Twitter,YouTube) and internet health portals (Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault), as well as TrialX’s soon-to-be released iPhone application.

TrialX launched its Twitter application in April. The idea is that users looking for clinical trials that match their health profile can send TrialX a ‘tweet’ or direct message detailing their specifications. The application then ‘tweets’ back with a link to a TrialX page listing the matching studies.

For its part, CenterWatch was the first internet site to publish detailed information on patient-accessible clinical trials and has built “one of the largest online databases of clinical trials actively seeking patients”, noted the business owned by Jobson Medical Information.

“One of CenterWatch’s fundamental objectives is to ensure that patients have the access they need to the thousands of clinical trials going on around the world,” commented senior vice president Chris Pooley. “Likewise, it’s important that investigators have as many avenues as possible for patient recruitment. Our partnership with TrialX helps to accomplish both those goals.”

Vivek Garg, co-founder of TrialX, said the tie-up would give the site access to “current, accurate clinical trials information which will ultimately support our mission to help patients find trials that match their health conditions in an easy and timely manner”.