Charles River Laboratories has launched an online community as a forum for scientists to connect, interact and explore ‘Big Ideas’.

The Eureka microsite features blogs and podcasts from Charles River scientists, who will “sound off on their inspirations, their scientific knowledge, passions and pursuits”. Industry experts are encouraged to reciprocate.

“We aim to inform you, stimulate your thinking, and pique your curiosity,” the site declares. “We want you to think, re-think, and share in our ‘Eureka moments’.”

There are also testimonies from Charles River employees with personal experience of disease and its treatment, as well as polls on timely scientific topics.

The US-based drug discovery and development specialist officially launched a clutch of social media platforms last September, with a presence on:

•    Twitter, to share information on tradeshows and other events, as well as posting links to scientific articles, videos, etc.                          

•    LinkedIn, to engage with scientific groups and flag up career opportunities.        

•    Facebook, to reach the contract research industry and wider research community, as well as building brand awareness.