The 2020 competition has been expanded for its 10th anniversary year - with the addition of the brand new Start Up category.

The competition has undergone developments and adaptations to ensure that it remains an enjoyable yet testing challenge for newcomers, but also fresh for returning candidates. The added inclusion of this category offers a new dynamic to this ever-growing competition.

Start Up was first introduced in the 2019 PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year and was a huge hit, with entry numbers reaching the second highest out of all the categories. We are confident that the popularity of this category will transcribe over to the U.S competition.

Start Up is open to either a team of up to three or an individual who is working in study start up. This new category will be held alongside the Clinical Research Co-ordinator, New and Experienced CRA, Clinical Trial Manager and Project Manager for the individual challenges. As well as Start Up, there are the Strategic, Company, and Site Team for the team challenges.

Click here for more information on all the categories.

The live head to head finals day will test finalists tactical, creative, and innovative skills across all nine categories - with the added bonus of detailed feedback reports on each finalist to help them reflect and develop.

If you would like to play your part in the new Start Up category, or if another category suits your skills – then complete the Multiple Choice Questionnaire to get started!

Nominations are also available if you think a colleague or manager has the means necessary to win gold! Nudge them in the right direction by nominating them!