eClinicalHealth, a company based in Scotland and focused on innovative clinical-trial solutions, has launched a cloud-based platform to improve study recruitment by engaging patients digitally in clinical research.

Clinpal is a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that works across all leading mobile and desktop operating systems and technologies – something that will “support traditional clinical trials today and remote virtual clinical-trial models tomorrow”, said eClinicalHealth, which was set up in early 2012.

Recruiting and retaining participants is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the clinical-trial process, with recruitment difficulties delaying an estimated 86% of studies, the company pointed out.

Among the features of the “highly automated and easy-to-use” Clinpal platform are:

  • Real-time compliance/performance metrics throughout the trial.
  • Allows for third-party system integration (e.g., electronic health records, biometric devices and other eClinical systems).
  • Facilitates workflow management and communication between sites and patients. 
  • Automates between-visit patient management.       
  • Access to patient-friendly study materials and electronic informed

Patient engagement

“By putting patient engagement at the heart of clinical development, we facilitate and accelerate study success,” commented Douglas Bain, co-founder and chief executive officer of eClinicalHealth.

The goal of Clinpal, Bain explained, is to give every clinical-trial participant access to a dedicated online resource, regardless of the size and type of study.

“That’s why we’ve ensured our platform is easily scalable whether you’re running a 10-patient investigator-led study or a 30,000-patient mega-trial,” he added.