Clinverse, the US-based provider of cloud-enabled financial-management software for clinical trials, has formed a strategic alliance with eClinical solutions specialist Datatrak International.

The joint aim is to streamline the study-payment process and reduce workload, time and related costs.

The two companies will integrate Clinverse’s ClinPay platform with the Datatrak ONE solution, which they claim to be a seamless fit.

ClinPay automates sponsor payments to clinical vendors, investigators and other parties throughout the financial lifecycle of a clinical trial.

Datatrak ONE is designed to accelerate the reporting of clinical-research data from sites to sponsors, contract research organisations and, ultimately, regulatory authorities.

Actual data

Integrating Datatrak’s cloud-based uEDC data-collection technology into ClinPay, for example, means payments are triggered based on actual data entered into the electronic data capture (EDC) system, the companies pointed out.

The combination of ClinPay and Datatrak One streamlines an “inherently error-prone” manual process while reducing substantially labour costs associated with the payment and accounting process for clinical vendors and investigative sites, they said.

Common goals

“Clinverse and Datatrak share common goals, focused on reducing complexity and costs typically associated with clinical trials,” commented Laurence Birch, the latter’s chairman and chief executive officer.  

“Streamlining the payment process delivers enhanced data quality, trial safety, and efficiency for our partners, leveraging the most efficient financial tool on the market,” Birch added.

For Jeff Rogers, chief commercial officer at Clinverse, the “many benefits” of ClinPay “can be realised in a true real-time single database architecture, which Datatrak delivers”.