A new cloud-based portal that oils the wheels of collaborative exchange between sponsors, contract research organisations, clinical sites, investigators and regulators in multi-region clinical trials can reduce cycle times by 20-20%, claims information technology, consulting and outsourcing specialist Wipro Technologies. 

The company has launched the secure Wipro Clinical Collaboration Portal as a platform for managing Trial Master File (TMF) data while boosting the efficiency and lowering the cost of clinical operations by speeding up communications and document exchanges between the various components of its customer base.

According to Wipro Technologies, there is growing demand for a platform that can centralise information, manage financing, facilitate accurate reporting, automate scheduling and ease the patient recruitment process in clinical trials, particularly given the need to cater for different styles of recruiting patients and different therapeutic areas, and to identify the best clinical sites in keeping with local regulations.

Standard Operating Procedure

By enforcing a common Standard Operating Procedure across the groups involved in clinical trials, the Wipro Clinical Collaboration portal helps them better adhere to regulatory frameworks such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and to avoid any oversights in the trial management process, the company notes.

The cloud-based portal is supported by Wipro’s Rapid Trial framework and integrates well with leading products for electronic data capture, interactive voice recording, safety, and document/ clinical trial management, as well as electronic Trial Master Files, Wipro Technologies says.

R Srinivas Rao, vice president and vertical head, life sciences solutions for Wipro Technologies, underlines the advantages of a system that can free trial stakeholders from administrative distractions.

“A platform which enables the exchange of documents and communication seamlessly and in compliance with global standards, i.e., [US] CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) part 11, while performing the clinical trials really relieves our customers from worrying about the compliance and validation of any solution used in the clinical trial space and helps them focus better on core trial conduct and efficiency,” he comments.