Lucinda Sandon-Allum of Langland and winner in the 2020 Aspiring Communications Manager of the Year shares her competition highlights.

This competition prides itself on being able to offer candidates the rare opportunity for reflection and development of key skills, the chance for recognition and reward from the industry, all whilst within a friendly and fun learning environment. Lucinda called out for those working within the industry to come forward and step up to the challenge, she said,

“If anyone in health comms wants to put their skills and experience to the test, then this is the challenge to take! A fast-paced task which requires you to be sharp-minded, creative and strategically agile, providing a great opportunity to unveil your strengths and build on areas for growth.”

The 2021 competition aims to continue the successes of last year’s innovative competition, with new and improved virtual challenges designed to promote best practice and encourage optimum teamwork skills. Lucinda praised the virtual aspect and how it has become a vital part of the workplace,

“The virtual experience added a new, important dynamic. As we’ve become accustomed to working in a virtual environment, and a hybrid way of working will likely soon be here to stay, mastering presenting ideas both in-person and in virtual settings are essential skills in a comms professional's toolkit.”

The competition will culminate at the grand awards ceremony, which PharmaTimes hope to host at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel in November, bringing together key industry figures for a fantastic evening of celebration. Each finalist and winner can be confident they are amongst the most talented within their field as they cement their name in the communications hall of fame.

Lucinda stated that she was “thrilled to win Aspiring Comms Manager of the year; being recognised by industry experts early in my career is hugely rewarding and encouraging.”

Lucinda continued, “I'd highly recommend to all to take part – you might just surprise yourself with what you can produce and achieve in such a short space of time!”

Entry is quick, easy, and can be made via this entry form.