US-based drug-development services company Covance has formed a strategic alliance with NeoGenomics, a clinical laboratory specialising in oncology-focused genetic- and molecular-testing services, for the joint provision of anatomic pathology and specialty laboratory testing in clinical trials worldwide.  

Under the agreement, Covance will establish a laboratory at NeoGenomics’ facility in Fort Myers, Florida. The two partners will then expand their joint capabilities globally at Covance’s central-laboratory locations in Shanghai (China), Geneva (Switzerland) and Singapore. 

According to Covance, the tie-up will give its clients access to fully integrated anatomic pathology and histology (APH) services, including immunohistochemistry (IHC), fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH), and molecular testing.

NeoGenomics will benefit from Covance’s broad market reach, established client relationships and extensive experience in clinical trials, while the latter will be able to tap into NeoGenomics’ medical and scientific networks, which include more than 500 pathologists, the new partners noted.

Seamless testing

The joint proposition is “seamless global testing services supporting oncology and companion diagnostics strategies for biopharmaceutical firms around the world”, the companies said. 

Providing integrated anatomic pathology services through the Covance laboratory co-located with NeoGenomics’ facility means “improved turnaround times critical to oncology clinical trials”, pointed out Dr Paul Kirchgraber, vice president of laboratory operations and medical affairs for Covance Central Laboratory Services.

Douglas VanOort, chairman and chief executive officer of NeoGenomics, said the company’s oncology-focused genetic and molecular testing services were “a perfect complement to Covance’s extensive laboratory services and will allow NeoGenomics to rapidly grow its clinical trials business with a world-class partner”.