Quintiles has expanded its suite of offerings for cardiovascular-safety assessment in drug development through a strategic alliance with dabl Limited, a specialist provider of centralised ambulatory blood-pressure measurement (ABPM) services based in Dublin, Ireland.

The partnership will give Quintiles’ customers worldwide access to dabl’s round-the-clock ABPM services to enhance the safety and efficacy of clinical trials throughout the development lifecycle.

The web-based dabl ABPM system automatically checks data in accordance with the study protocol, generates alerts on safety and enrolment issues, and provides real-time access to clinical data and progress reports.

Blood pressure focus

As Quintiles pointed out, the US Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies now require assessment of 24-hour blood pressure profiles for antihypertensive drugs.

There is also an increased focus on the way non-cardiovascular drugs affect blood pressure, noted the US-based biopharmaceutical services provider.

“Accuracy of circadian measurement, speed and excellence in interpreting data have never been more important in the clinical trial process,” commented dabl’s medical director, Professor Eoin O’Brien.

Biopharmaceutical companies can make “faster and more confident” decisions about the cardiovascular effects of their compounds through the combination of Quintiles’ therapeutic expertise and dabl’s proprietary technology and “excellence in providing haemodynamic profiles”, O’Brien said.