Datatrak has announced its second multi-year Enterprise Agreement in the last two months for the company’s suite of eClinical software solutions.

In mid-December the US-based eClinical specialist signed a five-year Enterprise Agreement and Marketing Alliance with NTT Data Corporation, a Tokyo-based supplier of information system services that will operate as a value-added reseller of the Datrak eClinical product suite to the Japanese clinical trials market.

The new Enterprise Agreement, worth a minimum of US$800,000 (€545,840) to Datatrak, is a three-year subscription licence with an unnamed European pharmaceutical company, covering a fixed volume of data items.

On top of that, Datatrak will provide all associated services for the client’s global trials using Datatrak eClinical over the life of the subscription agreement. Moreover, optional components of the Daratrak eClinical platform besides the electronic data capture or reporting (Data Genie) functionalities are contracted separately on an as needed basis for each project.

When Datatrak has provided full support for eClinical implementation, its revenue composition has historically been around 25% technology (data item)-based while the remaining 75% has come from associated services, the company noted.

“The consummation of two Enterprise Relationships within approximately the past two months indicates that there are companies looking at the benefits of a longer-term commitment for a standardised information platform to best serve their clinical trial needs,” commented Datatrak’s president and chief executive officer, Dr Jeffrey Green. “It also has been advantageous to continue to broaden Datatrak’s global presence and to have existing Enterprise clients in the two significant marketplaces of Japan and Europe.”

The company is by no means turning away from a trial-by-trial business model, as this is “more appropriate for clients with smaller pipelines”. For clients with larger and more stable pipelines, though, an Enterprise Agreement offers “very predictable research and development costs and eliminates wasted time involved with negotiation and contracting under the trial-by-trial mode”, Dr Green said.

It also has “tremendous advantages” for Datatrak, with “rock-solid visibility of revenues over a multi-year period of time and a greatly diminished cost of sales at these clients”, he pointed out.

The company is “in various stages of negotiation” with several other clients – both product sponsors and contract research organisations – over similarly structured agreements, Dr Green added.