Diabetes UK and Tesco have joined forces to launch what they claim is the biggest ever health promotion drive for people with type II diabetes.

The move was spurred by data from the National Diabetes Audit showing that just 20.4% of people in England with the condition have it under control, massively increasing their risk of the serious complications such as heart disease and kidney failure.

Under the initiative, free information packs will be available in Tesco stores throughout the UK in order to better educate people about the condition and offer advice on how to manage it.

The packs will include details on medication as well information on nutrition, weight management and physical activity, amongst other important aspects.

In addition, details of possible health complications from Type 2 diabetes and a dedicated health leaflet with information on 15 healthcare essentials everyone should expect to receive will also be included.

According to Barbara Young, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, the scheme has the potential to "make a real difference".

“We face a situation where a huge number of people now have Type 2 diabetes but many of them are not given the information they need to keep it under control. This is fuelling high rates of diabetes-related complications and ultimately leading to thousands of people a year dying before their time".

Better control

"By giving people with Type 2 diabetes advice about lifestyle, self management and information about the healthcare they are entitled to, we can make people better equipped to take control over their own condition," she said.

Diabetes UK is Tesco’s current National Charity Partner; their partnership aims to raise £10 million for people with diabetes or those at risk of developing it.

As well as supporting the 3.8 million people with the condition in the country and helping hundreds of thousands to cut their risk of developing it, the partnership will also fund investment into ground-breaking research for a type I vaccine, the groups' said.