PharmaTimes talks to Jayne Packham, managing director of the Jayne Packham Consultancy and lead judge for the Medical Information categories, about the importance of the new, PharmaTimes Medical & Scientific Excellence Awards.
Why you are involved in the competition?

Supporting this competition was a really easy decision for me. It is an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge from the past 25 years in Medical Information to help create a new prestigious competition that will showcase the amazing talent that I know is out there.

Why are the medical information categories so important?

I know that Medical Information plays an important and unique role in supporting companies, patients and health professionals - but not everyone is acknowledged and recognised.

This new award will definitely help to raise the profile of Medical Information and it is great that PharmaTimes is promoting the work of medical and scientific staff through the competiition. Participation in this award will be a great addition to everyone’s CV.

What will the judges be looking for?

I’ll obviously be looking for excellent knowledge, skills and true passion for Medical Information. As part of the Medical Information Leader of the Year award we are also planning a debate and so I’ll be looking for great presentation skills and well thought out arguments. Leaders will make their case for some of the hot topics facing Medical Information departments.

Why should people apply?

I think there are two reasons. Firstly, there will be personal recognition for the great work that you do. It is a chance to stack yourself against your peers and show your skills and knowledge. And secondly, there is an opportunity to get your team and supporters behind you and use it as an opportunity to raise your profile. The PharmaTimes awards are recognised across the industry and so it will be a sound addition to your CV. Get that application form filled in!

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