Over 1,300 doctors have made their nominations for the PharmaTimes Representative of the Year 2010 event, with AstraZeneca’s staff leading the way.

Some 1,340 doctors have voted for their favourite primary and secondary care reps from over 100 pharmaceutical companies and 50 of the latter attracted three or more nominations. Organised by Doctors.net for PharmaTimes, the most nominated company across primary and secondary care was AstraZeneca, followed by Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly and Merck Sharp & Dohme.

In general practice, Pfizer was the most nominated company, followed by AstraZeneca, MSD and GSK, with Boehringer Ingelheim and Napp in joint fifth place. In secondary care, the most nominations received were in the mental health category, headed up by AstraZeneca, followed by Lilly and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen-Cilag unit.

The other categories include oncology (nominations led by Roche), cardiology (Pfizer) and care of the elderly (Astellas), and the nominated reps are distributed throughout the UK.

The next step for PharmaTimes Representative of the Year 2010, the only such competition where participation is through the endorsement of doctors, will see drugmakers select their best reps from these nominations. They will then be assessed in a detailing session, when each finalist grilled by three specialist doctors in each of the disease categories.

The awards evening will take place on October 14 at the Westminster Park Plaza hotel. For further details, contact jill@pharmatimes.com or jess@pharmatimes.com.