Eisai has officially opened state-of-the-art headquarters for its H3 Biomedicine unit in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Japanese drugmaker has pledged $200 million in research funding to H3 which currently employs 30 people. The number of staff at the 24,000-square-feet laboratory will increase to 70 by the end of next year.

The company hopes to further expand into more laboratory space within its building as it "continues to pursue its mission to fulfill the promise of personalised cancer medicine". Eisai chief executive Haruo Naito said that H3 provides "an innovative, intensely collaborative business model ideally suited to the intellectual, operational, and fiscal demands of genomics-driven, patient-based drug discovery".

He added that "the unique collaboration we have established (H3 is actually privately-held) represents a discovery model of the future and is well aligned with our global commitment to help satisfy unmet medical needs".