It's a double first for the Communications Team of the Year competition, as individuals within agencies and pharma companies battle it out for the 'Aspiring Communications Manager of the Year' title.

The finals day for this brand new category, which falls under the Communications Team of the Year umbrella will be held on 4 October, the same day as the Marketer of the Year finals.

Commenting on how the Communications Team of the Year and Marketer of the Year competitions have evolved to embrace the importance of cross-functional working and the value of great healthcare communications in the marketing mix, director of policy and communications at MSD and executive steering group member Harry Brady says:

"Whether we like it or not, it is true to say that our customers and stakeholders now receive information via a range of media and platforms. This means finding new ways of reaching audiences ‘where they are’, often with 280 characters instead of 280 words. It also means generating valuable insight as currency in the information exchange, not just marketing claims. Put simply, if we still want to be part of any conversation, we need to have something interesting to say and we need to be in the right room."

To apply for the Aspiring Communications Manager of the Year category you will:

- Have three to five years’ communications experience – agency level Account Manager to Account Director or in house equivalent – looking to move up to the next level in strategic planning and leadership.

- Built upon your basic knowledge of healthcare communications by working as part of a team to execute communications strategy.

- Have managed several projects which contribute to a joined up strategy, from inception to completion, and will understand how to set and evaluate metrics.

- Be able to demonstrate fundamental communications competencies, including the ability to digest and respond to a brief, assess the market environment, prioritise and identify key insight, and develop workable communications strategies, with a good blend of creativity, risk taking and respect for compliance.

In return you will benefit from:

- A day of professional development and team building, accelerating your career progression.

- An in-depth feedback report detailing your scores across a number of key communications competencies and including qualitative feedback from the judges.

- An opportunity to network with new and existing clients at the gala awards and dinner to be held alongside the PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year and the all-new Sales Awards, in London this November.

- An opportunity to join our exclusive global alumni of fellow Pharma winners

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