ePharmaSolutions, the US-based provider of eClinical solutions for trial sites, has teamed up with AstraZeneca’s ‘virtual’ neuroscience R&D unit to help the iMed researchers share and manage complex data on a common portal with investigators and other external partners.

AstraZeneca Neuroscience Innovative Medicines (AZ NS iMed) is the reconstituted version of the company’s neuroscience discovery and development capabilities that emerged from a new round of worldwide restructuring announced by AZ in February 2012.

That involved slimming down the company’s 800-900-strong neuroscience resource to a small team of around 40 AstraZeneca scientists, based around the academic hubs of Boston (US) and Cambridge (UK), and conducting discovery and development externally through a global network of partners in academia and industry. 

Under its agreement with AZ NS iMed, ePharmaSolutions will set up an integrated clinical-trial portal that will also feature an electronic trial master file (eTMF) solution and cloud technology for sharing documents securely.

Initially, the ePharmaSolutions tools will be used to manage three separate neuroscience clinical trials at AstraZeneca Neuroscience Innovative Medicines. The aim is that the integrated technology will link partners seamlessly to improve study efficiency and management.

Quickly and efficiently

Since it was created just over a year ago, the AstraZeneca iMed has striven to implement innovative technologies that enable it to work quickly and efficiently with study investigators, contract research organisations, academic researchers and regulatory authorities, the new partners noted.

“A key strategy for our business is crafted around relationship-building and leveraging innovative solutions for data-sharing with collaborators,” added Steven Leventer, vice president, AZ NS iMed.