eResearch Technology (ERT), the US-based supplier of centralised electrocardiogram, electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), eClinical and other services, has launched a comprehensive suite of ePRO solutions including the VIAPhone, VIAPad, VIAPen and VIAWeb tools.

ePRO tools have become increasingly sophisticated as the market segment continues to grow, their development reflecting the diverse needs of sponsors and demand for better patient compliance in clinical trials, ERT points out. As such, the company is offering a broad range of modalities so that sponsors can choose the best ePRO solution to suit the requirements of a particular trial. 

Selecting the optimal ePRO modality depends on multiple factors including questionnaire complexity and the length, site location, patient population, budget and size of the trial, ERT observes. 

All of the complementary ePRO tools in the new suite are accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide as a means of collecting reliable and accurate clinical trial data, while they surpass traditional paper-based methods in terms of simplicity, mobility and immediacy of use, the company says.

The VIAPad solution can accommodate complex diaries, questionnaires and visual scales, alongside its capacity to streamline mid-study changes, ERT notes. With VIAWeb, patients can use a standard internet browser at home or at work to log securely into their study diary or assessment and complete the necessary information. 

“This is ideal for patients busy at work, with little time to visit a clinical trial site,” ERT comments.

The VIAPen is a digital pen offering “the simplicity of paper-based methods with the dual advantage of digital data collection”. The VIAPhone is an Interactive Voice Response device whereby patients can use a standard landline telephone or cell phone to feed back trial information – an ideal solution, ERT notes, for people with reduced physical function or who are reluctant to embrace more innovative technologies. 

“At ERT we believe that ‘one size does NOT fit all’,” comments John Blakeley, the company’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer. “We believe that to ensure an accurate and successful clinical trial, vendors must offer technologies that are as diverse and varied as the clinical trials themselves.”