Following the recent merger of Inclinix, the US-based contract research organisation specialising in patient enrolment, and PMG Research, which runs an Integrated Site Network of clinical research facilities in the US southeast, the new combine has unveiled changes to its executive management team.

Announcing the merger in June, the companies said they would operate in the short term as two divisions led by J Tobin Geatz as president and chief executive officer (positions he previously held at Ingenix)  and by  Jeffrey Reiniche, former chief financial officer at Ingenix, as CFO of Inclinix-PMG Holdings.

Now Dr John Rubino has joined from Raleigh Medical Group (RMG) as medical director of Inclinix-PMG Holdings, Inc. He will also serve as head of the new combine’s Principal Investigator Advisory Board.

Dr. Rubino has been actively involved in clinical research for the last 22 years and has been a Principal Investigator in over 600 trials, Inclinix-PMG Holdings noted.

Jennifer Byrne, former chief executive officer of PMG Research, was named president and chief operating officer (COO) of the PMG Research, Inc business.

Byrne “has been influential in guiding the development and growth of PMG Research for the past 20 years, and will continue to do so in this capacity”, Inclinix-PMG Holdings said.

The new president and COO of Inclinix, Inc is Denise Robinson, who brings to the position over 15 years of pharmaceutical, clinical and healthcare experience, including multiple leadership roles at the pre-merger Inclinix during a 10-year tenure.

The merger was funded by a consortium of investors led by private equity firm Frontier Capital, which was already an investor in Inclinix.