Futura Medical, which is on the up this week after signing a big deal with GlaxoSmithKline, has turned the spotlight on the rest of its pipeline, showcasing three new products - one for pain relief and two in the field of sexual health.

Earlier this week, PharmaTimes World News reported that Futura Medical had signed co-development rights to a topical formulation of the widely-used angina drug glyceryl trinitrate, which could become the first over-the-counter product to treat erectile dysfunction. MED2002 is currently undergoing late-stage development and GSK has already committed £2.4 million to the project, with filings anticipated in 2008.

And coming up behind is PET500, an over-the-counter topical treatment for premature ejaculation that uses mild topical anaesthetics and is expected to enter the clinic during the first half of 2007, and a female version of MED2000 - code-named FSD500 - which is also based on glyceryl trinitrate. The latter has already been investigated in healthy female volunteers, showing low doses of the compound improved vaginal microcirculation and may improve lubrication: Futura Medical says it intends to further evaluate FSD500 during the remainder of the year “to establish whether a potential opportunity exists that complies with Futura's strategic aims.”

Its final offering is DCF100, a topical analgesic formulation of a generic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which is currently being investigated against the two market leaders - including Novartis' Emulgel and Dolaut - in human skin studies. Results are expected in August.