New research from Roche UK has revealed that 82% of Generation Z, the age group encompassing 16 to 24 year olds, want to see the NHS introduce digital solutions to better manage their health and improve care.

Generation Z’s ‘disruptive’ behaviour, especially when embracing technology, has transformed the way we use every-day services and the research shows they expect healthcare to follow suit.

According to findings of the survey, almost two thirds (63%) of young people would be comfortable with a chatbot giving them a diagnosis when they are ill, compared to just over one in three (38%) for those over 55.

Also, over half of those surveyed in the Generation Z age bracket (56%) would rather receive advice from their GP or clinical pharmacist via an app or website than face-to-face (44%). Nearly two thirds (63%) would be comfortable having a chatbot communicate a diagnosis.

Rachel Power, chief executive at The Patients Association, said that Generation Z “will drag the NHS into a digital era whether it’s ready or not”, and that it should “get used to the idea, and brace itself for a period of technological disruption, driven by patients.”

The research also shows “an overwhelming demand” for personalised healthcare, says Roche.

More than eight in ten (82%) would be comfortable with the NHS genetically profiling tumours to allow more accurate clinical decision making, and almost three quarters (73%) are happy to test and share their genetic data to identify the risk of developing certain diseases and offering treatment that is personalised to your specific genetic make-up.

“These are exciting times. Public demand for change, combined with breakthroughs in technology has the potential to take us into a new era in healthcare,” said Dr Rav Seeruthun, medical director at Roche Products.