Medical-device trials are the draw for genae, a full-service contract research organisation based in Antwerp, Belgium, opening a new branch in Germany.

As things stand, a total of 480 current trials with medical devices are underway in Germany, accounting for nearly 20% of all device trials in Europe, noted genae, which has announced the incorporation of genae Germany GmbH in Frankfurt am Main.

Last December the company set up genae International AG in Zurich. The centrally located Swiss services facility was designed to support the group’s expanding operations and provide a second base in Europe.

Privately held, genae also has a company (genae Americas Inc) in Cleveland, US and a strategic alliance (genae Innoheart) in Singapore.

Transportation hub

As genae pointed out, Frankfurt is a major air, rail and highway transportation hub due to its central location within Germany and Europe.  

“The German offices will create 12 to 15 new jobs in the next three years,” added chief executive officer Bart Segers.

“We continue to expand our operations in Europe and beyond to serve our customers better by providing local anchoring and cultural compatibility, while maintaining a global focus on research.”