GlaxoSmithKline says that it has reached a settlement with pharmaceutical wholesaler, Dowelhurst, over the long-running AIDS drug diversion dispute.

The UK drug giant had claimed Dowelhurst had re-sold batches of its AIDS drugs, Combivir (lamivudine plus zidovudine)), Epivir (lamivudine), and Trizivir (lamivudine, zidovudine and abacavir) as well as a batch of the respiratory drug, Serevent (salmeterol),

that were destined for humanitarian use in Africa, and resold them in the UK [[17/03/04a]]. Dowlehurst maintained that it purchased and resold the drugs in good faith.

While both sides say they continue to believe in the strength of their respective arguments, they say they also recognise that their resources are better spent elsewhere and that compromise is in the best interests of all. GSK has therefore agreed to withdraw its action, while Dowelhurst has agreed to make undisclosed payments to several HIV charities – namely The Kenyan Network of Women with AIDS, Community Focus Group, Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya, and the Movement of Men Against AIDS in Kenya.