Harlan Laboratories, a US-based provider of contract-research services and research models, has partnered with BioXpert, a Dutch company specialising in laboratory animal science and services, to expand Harlan’s Contract Breeding Services (CBS) into Benelux, Northern Europe and Northern Germany.

The alliance will enable Harlan Laboratories to offer in Northern Europe the same services as it does from its sites in the UK and Southern Europe, including rederivation, cryopreservation, revitalisation, colony management, contract breeding, health monitoring and quarantine, the company noted.

For its part, BioXpert will be able to support contract breeding and colony management in individually ventilated cage (IVC), barrier and isolator environments at its site in the Netherlands.

Deep expertise

Together, Harlan said, the companies bring “deep expertise” in the fields of autoimmune, oncology, genetically modified and surgically altered models, as well as behaviour studies and contract research.

“We have known and worked with Tineke Coenen, founder and managing director of BioXpert, for a long time,” commented Stuart Frith, global vice president, business development at Harlan Laboratories.

“BioXpert reflects her commitment to quality work, customer satisfaction, and animal welfare.”