Harlan Laboratories, the US-based provider of contract-research services and research models, has expanded its disease-preconditioned animal model and imaging services at the company's speciality research centre in Israel.

The added capability means Harlan can offer its clients chemically, genetically and surgically preconditioned models for a number of disease states including diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, tissue repair, metabolism/obesity and osteoporosis.

The company has also expanded its imaging services with magnetic resonance-imaging and computerised-tomography scanning technology.

This enables an “effective, efficient and humane” approach to understanding disease biology and evaluating therapeutic options in animal models, it says.  

Comprehensive platform

“By supplying the experimental models, conducting the evaluation study and reporting the results, Harlan provides a comprehensive service platform for the evaluation of potential therapies and devices,” commented Joe Meyer, vice president of global commercial operations.

Harlan recently extended its Contract Breeding Services business into Benelux, Northern Europe and Northern Germany through a partnership with Dutch company BioXpert.