If not, you should. Now!

Dr Jim Golby PhD FCIPD, co-chair of the competition’s executive steering group (ESG) says:

“After 36 years in pharma industry and having witnessed more than a few changes in the NHS over the years a few crucial factors have remained as ever vital constants, these are the crucial role the pharma industry plays in enhancing the lives of patients and, even with the increasing complexities of the landscape, the real difference that individual sales people can deliver to both patients and HCPs .

“Therefore I strongly believe that the newly imagined 2018 Pharma Sales Awards will provide a superb methodology for identifying and recognising the very best sales professionals in our Industry today.”

Not only is this three-stage competition free to enter, it’s also the only pharmaceutical sales awards where representatives are evaluated by their healthcare professional clients, before pitting them head-to-head in a real life challenge against their peers.

All finalists will be invited to the high-profile awards ceremony, where their success will be celebrated alongside other industry leaders.

The ceremony, to be held in November in central London, will coincide with the presentation of the PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year and Communications Team of the Year Awards, providing an unbeatable networking opportunity for everyone involved.

For more information on how the competition works and to enter, visit www.pharmatimes.com/sa/enter