The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) has published a new booklet setting out the “numerous and various” roles available to pharmacy professionals in the UK’s clinical research sector.

Produced by the ICR’s Pharmacy Special Interest Group (SIG), the booklet – To be a pharmacy professional in clinical research – is designed to help people with two or three years’ broad pharmacy experience make the crucial decision about their next career step.

As John Gilroy, chair of the Pharmacy SIG pointed out, they can “work to protect patients and the public, be involved in problem-solving and regulation implementation and be part of a multidisciplinary team working with a wide range of professionals outside the pharmacy arena”.

The SIG has also produced a policy template document for the safe handling of clinical trial medicines in National Health Service (NHS) Trusts. Its aim is “to further safeguard the patients, healthcare professionals and the Trust, and ensure procedures are understood and correctly followed”.

Pharmacy professionals need to make sure any medicine included in a clinical trial is appropriate for use as well as procured, handled, stored and used safely and correctly, and disposed of appropriately. They also have to ensure the medicine can be accounted for through all of these stages.

The booklet on pharmacy professionals in clinical research can be downloaded as a free eBook or is available from the ICR’s online shop at