ImageIQ, an imaging contract research organisation based in Cleveland, has forged a partnership with IMARC Research, a fellow US CRO that offers monitoring, auditing and training services, to help manage the increasing complexity and risks of incorporating medical imaging into clinical trials.

Under the arrangement, IMARC will bring its 14 years of clinical-trial management experience to ImageIQ clients calling on the latter company’s imaging-analytics and software-development expertise, the partners said.

In return, ImageIQ will supply its clinical-trial imaging and image-analysis expertise to IMARC’s customer base.

Medical-imaging technology and imaging analytics have “changed vastly in the past few years, providing whole new strata of clinical-trial data”, noted Sandra Maddock, chief executive officer and president of IMARC Research.

With the addition of imaging modalities to clinical development, though, come “increased complexities and risks that need to be considered and carefully monitored in order to ensure accurate, complete and evaluable data at the end of the study”, Maddock warned.

IMARC Research can accommodate these complexities through various risk-mitigation procedures including clinical-trial monitoring, auditing and training in Good Clinical Practice, the partners explained.