With former COO Jamie Macdonald now officially in place as chief executive officer (CEO), fast-growing US-based clinical research organisation INC Research has completed the succession plan for top management it announced last August.

With effect from 1 January 2013, Macdonald succeeded as CEO James Ogle, who remains with INC as chairman of the board. Alistair Macdonald, who was previously president, Clinical Development Services, has assumed the role of chief operating officer (COO).

Jamie Macdonald came on board after INC joined the top ranks of global CROs by acquiring Kendle International for around US$232 million in May 2011.

He was a Kendle novice at the time of the deal, having joined the CRO from Quintiles as senior vice president and chief operating officer with effect from 1 May 2011. The merger agreement with INC was subsequently announced on 4 May 2011.

“With the completion of these changes and the additional executive appointments made in recent months, INC Research is strategically positioned for continued growth,” Ogle commented.

New CEO Macdonald said INC would “continue to leverage our enhanced global scale, renowned therapeutic capability and enhanced Trusted Process to offer increasingly innovative clinical development solutions that improve efficiency and ultimately lead our customers to make better decisions faster”.