US-based clinical research organisation (CRO) INC Research has established business operations in Japan along with two new offices in Osaka and Tokyo.

The offices run by INC Research Japan KK will initially house a core group of English-speaking management, regulatory and therapeutic staff.

The move builds on INC Research’s long experience in Japan, where it has previously partnered with local CROs to conduct a number of clinical trials across a variety of therapeutic areas.

With the Osaka and Tokyo sites, the US-based company now has 20 offices overall in key locations across the Asia/Pacific region.

Other than Japan, INC Research has a presence in China, India, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Trusted Process

The office staff in Osaka and Tokyo will provide a bridge between the company’s Trusted Process methodology and “the way clinical research has traditionally been conducted in Japan”, INC Research said.

“Our Japanese customers already have responded positively to our Trusted Process methodology as it fits well with their requirements for high quality and predictability,” added Garth Tierney, executive vice president, Asia/Pacific.

He also pointed to the “growing enthusiasm from both pharma and government sectors for Japan to be involved in both global and regional clinical trials”.