Gilead has presented Phase I data from its trial of GS-6207, an investigational first-in-class inhibitor of HIV-1 capsid function.

The data supports the drug’s further further development and potential role as a component in a long-acting HIV combination therapy.

The data, taken from two Phase I studies, demonstrates that GS-6207 has potent antiviral activity and a potential dosing interval of up to every six months, and that the drug is generally well tolerated.

Additionally, the company stated that in vitro virology study results suggest the investigational therapy could potentially be used in a broad range of people living with HIV regardless of their treatment history.

The successful data “reinforce the potential of HIV capsid inhibition as a new long-acting therapeutic pathway to achieving durable viral suppression and support further clinical development of GS-6207,” said Diana Brainard, senior vice president, HIV and emerging viruses. “Based on these promising results, we look forward to initiating additional studies to evaluate GS-6207 in people living with HIV later this year.”

On the news, the company will be initiating enrolment of two new clinical trials of GS-6207 in combination with other antiretroviral agents in people living with HIV. A Phase II and Phase II/III study, for patients living with treatment-naïve and multidrug resistant HIV-1, respectively.