IONTAS has announced an agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals to apply its technologies and know-how to the optimisation of human antibodies for use as biotherapeutics.

Under the terms of the agreement, IONTAS will initially apply its proprietary technologies to provide Teva with a panel of optimised antibodies against a defined target. Teva will have the option to enter into further optimisation programmes in the future. The agreement also includes options for the screening of biophysical properties suitable for developable antibodies.

Teva recently announced an update on its Ajovy (fremanezumab) clinical development for use in episodic cluster headache, after a Phase III study found that the primary endpoint for weekly average number of cluster headache attacks during the four-week treatment period is unlikely to be met.

Dr John McCafferty, founder and chief executive officer of IONTAS, commented: “Our experience in both antibody discovery and optimisation enables us to generate antibodies that meet the stringent characteristics required by our Partners and the selection of IONTAS by Teva is a validation of this know-how and expertise. With our ability to focus on function, affinity, specificity and developability we can generate lead antibodies with lower risk of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls issues.”

IONTAS offers bespoke phage display libraries, unique antibody discovery services and technologies to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical community.