French pharmaceutical company Ipsen and Italy’s Recordati say they have inked a deal that grants the latter exclusive marketing rights in France to Tenstaten (cicletanine), a diuretic for use in treating high blood pressure.

Ipsen currently sells Tenstaten in this market, Europe’s second largest for pharmaceuticals, reaping sales of 12 million euros last year. “This agreement is part of Ipsen’s strategy to accelerate growth, notably by improving the resilience of [our] primary care product portfolio,” the company noted, adding that it hopes to see growth of Tenstaten from 2006 and beyond.

And it is good news for Recordati, which has already shown its potential in this field by capturing a 17% slice of the French pie for its hypertension drug, lercanidipine; the company says the deal with Ipsen strengthens the standing of its French operations – Bouchara Recordati – as well as its position within the principal European markets.