Contract research organisation IQVIA has launched new AI-powered technology at its medical information (MI) contact centre services.

Life science companies use IQVIA’s MI contact centre services to share information about new products and related therapeutic areas as well as monitor product quality and safety.

This is done through teams of skilled agents responding directly to inquiries from consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) around the world.

IQVIA’s MI Contact Centre services can now enlist AI-powered virtual agents alongside skilled human agents to triage and respond to inquiries. This combination of AI-powered agents and human agents creates faster response times and reporting of adverse events or quality concerns. It also allows for rapid scalability to meet surges in demand and efficient 24/7/365 availability.

Overall, IQVIA expects this new approach to improve the patient and HCP experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

“Adding new digital capabilities to our existing MI services marks a critical point in the industry as companies seek to balance the delivery of unbiased information to meet the needs of HCPs and patients,” said Annette Williams, vice president, IQVIA Lifecycle Safety. “IQVIA’s Medical Information services integrate across our Safety and Quality offerings, equipping clients with the end-to-end technology and services they need to increase trust, loyalty, and efficiencies for their patients.”