Health Decisions, a US-based full service clinical research organisation (CRO) specialising in adaptive approaches to both the design and operation of clinical trials, has signed up Argentina’s KLIXAR to its newly launched Agile Clinical Network.

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, KLIXAR provides contract research and consulting services for small to medium-sized trials, with a particular focus on Phases II to IV. Its operations span five countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Peru) and three in Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama).

As a member of the Agile Clinical Network, KLIXAR will share resources, best practices and partnership opportunities with Health Decisions and other like-minded CROs that have embraced the concept of Agile Clinical Development. Health Decisions sees this community of research partners as a means to “eliminate the information gaps and prolonged timelines inherent to complex global studies”.

It describes Agile Clinical Development as a methodology that combines adaptive trial design with adaptive operations to cut study timelines and improve transparency. According to Health Decisions, it can shorten a client’s development cycle by 10-40% “simply by focusing on operational efficiencies”.

To become a certified network partner, KLIXAR had to complete “rigorous training” in Agile Clinical Development techniques using Health Resources’ internal system, which covers every aspect of Agile trial management with an emphasis on high-impact yet easy-to-implement adaptive operations, the latter noted.

In addition to continuing education in Agile Clinical Development and opportunities to collaborate on adaptive solutions for clinical operations and design, KLIXAR will gain access to Health Decisions’ data management systems, biostatistics expertise, medical writers, advanced data collection tools and real-time reporting capabilities

In return, Health Decisions gets the chance to expand its Agile philosophy to the Latin American market by aligning with the KLIXAR infrastructure.