Life Technologies has acquired Compendia Bioscience, "a pre-eminent cancer bioinformatics company", also based in the USA.

Compendia's oncology data is widely used by a number of pharma companies in their drug development work and Life says that the deal will extend its abilities "to both develop its own tests and to partner with pharmaceutical companies in companion diagnostic development". No financial details have been disclosed.

Compendia says it holds "one of the world's largest and most comprehensive sets of mutation profiles, gene expression data and cellular biomarkers that have been gathered from more than 62,000 cancer patients". Oncomine, the company's cloud-based analytics tool, integrates high-throughput cancer profiling data across a large volume of cancer types to allow users to mine it for correlations among genetic signatures, clinical status and drug response markers.

Life Tech adds that equally valuable is Compendia's OncoScore product, a tool that helps optimise the clinical trials process "by stratifying patients based on genetic signatures so that individuals most likely to respond to specific drugs are included".

Life Tech chief executive Gregory Lucier said by combining the recent acquisitions of Pinpoint Genomics and Navigenics, plus Compendia, "we now possess the full spectrum capability to develop and commercialise high-value cancer diagnostics where there is currently great unmet need". He added that "we have created the optimal foundation to drive progress in personalised medicine".