A National Health Service clinical research facility in Lincolnshire, UK, has set up a forum to gather input from patients and the general public into research priorities.

The Lincolnshire Clinical Research Facility (LCRF), which will hold its first forum meeting on 1 May 2012, wants to ensure that clinical research carried out in the region focuses on the needs of local patients, addressing health improvements of significance to them and “treatments that are acceptable to them”.

The LCRF wants to attract a wide range of people with a variety of conditions to the forum – in particular, those who have taken part in clinical trials or research as a patient or carer.

Forum members will be able to contribute their views on proposed clinical research areas and the design and development of research projects. “They can also help to increase interest in clinical research in Lincolnshire in both the general public and amongst medical staff,” the LCRF adds.

Training available

Training will be available so that forum members can participate in activities such as reviewing trial protocols to assess clinical relevance from a patient viewpoint and reviewing information for patients.

Terry Wiseman, former chairman of the Lincolnshire Research Ethics committee, has been appointed interim chairman of the new forum.

“Mr Wiseman has played a constructive and important role promoting clinical trials and raising awareness about the importance of clinical trials and legislations in the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust,” commented LCRF director Dr Tanweer Ahmed.

The LCRF is part of the Trust. Set up in 2005, it has established research networks for cancer, diabetes, medicines for children, stroke, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.