Online video consultation service LIVI has announced a partnership with Boots UK, in order to “help make access to healthcare even easier.”

The new video GP service comes as part of a contract, which states that all patients should have access to online and video consultations by 2021 as part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The service allows patients to see a GP by video consultation in a Boots store, at a time that is convenient to them.

Using a confidential pharmacy consultation room and instore tablet computer, a LIVI GP can provide patients with trusted medical advice, diagnostics, referrals and prescriptions, delivering end to end healthcare in minutes.

In August the service announced a collaboration with Our Health Partnership Northampton General Practice Alliance, Alliance for Better Care, as well as other partners across the South East.

The partnerships came at a time of ‘significant pressure’ for the UK’s Primary Care Networks, with the NHS struggling to recruit and retain doctors, particularly in crucial areas such as paediatrics.

Video consultations have been cited as a way to take the strain off GPs, as well as offering them greater flexibility, support and more meaningful work, since they can focus their time in the surgery on the patients who need it most.

Luke Buhl-Nielsen, LIVI UK country director, said that the company is “delighted” to be partnering with Boots, explaining that it will “help more patients access quality healthcare at a time and place that suits them best.”

He continued, “We believe that the health system should be more responsive to the needs of patients; digital health tech, such as LIVI, is the key to unlocking a more responsive and flexible health service. LIVI lessens the burden on the NHS – using technology to reduce missed appointments, lower costs, and improve care.”