Technology businesses LovedBy and Dexcom announced a partnership today which will help adolescent patients with diabetes to better cope with their condition.

Dexcom pioneers wearable glucose monitoring products, which allow for continuous observation of glucose levels, in the form of a small patch on the arm. This patch streams real-time glucose data to an app on the user’s smartphone.

More than 1.1 million children and adolescents are living with Type 1 diabetes worldwide. They require different condition management to adults, and are advised to measure their blood glucose levels at least four times a day.

Dexcom devices aim for the easy and discreet management of diabetes, and LovedBy accessibly translates their data to Gen Z audiences into 30-second snippets, assisting younger audiences in understanding the information. This partnership is the latest in an ongoing collaboration between the companies, sharing the goal of helping adolescents with Type 1 diabetes by providing them with personalised educational content.

LovedBy specialises in Gen Z behaviour and brings together behavioural specialists, neurologists, consultants, and coders, to help people form positive habits and everyday changes to improve the health and wellbeing of adolescents.

Matt Farrar, CEO of LovedBy, has commented:

“Dexcom has supported our aspirations to impact the lives of millions of adolescents for two years now.We work well together, because we take their amazing real time glucose data and humanise it: by converting it to real life context that our GenZ audience can understand. We are working across clinical trials in the UK s well as a long-term strategy and joint marketing activity to our Gen Z community in the UK, EMEA and the US.”

Erik Bjokman, General Manager and SVP at Dexcom, adds:

“We’re thrilled to continue our ongoing, exciting work with the team at LovedBy, who help Dexcom bring effective diabetes management to even more people through their expertise in GenZ.”