Value based communications, designing innovative commercial deals and value added services are all important elements to engage budget holders in today's NHS. And with access and uptake of medicines getting tougher on companies, market access is an important part of the marketing mix.

Designed to recognise and reward the talented people who make access to medicines possible, the introduction of the ‘National Market Access Lead’ category to PharmaTimes Marketer of the Year is attracting a lot of attention.

Do I fit the bill?

It’s true that the market access roles vary from company to company - some are focused on HTA, pricing and access; some are focused on national customer engagement and new ways of working.

To compete in this category, the rules of the competition state that individuals ‘must be assigned to support the brand on market access strategy and tactics, as part of a multi-functional team.’

In terms of continuous professional development, the benefits are huge. For competitors. the competition gives individuals a chance to showcase their talents and get feedback and ideas from a panel of industry experts. For companies, market access is a discipline that is a critical pillar for commercial success in today’s NHS.

If your market access skills are a cut above the rest, enter here.

Or if you know a market access lead who is taking strides in getting new medicines to market, nominate them instead - a gentle nudge from you may be all they need!

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