Mayo Clinic Healthcare has announced a new team of physicians in partnership with Oxford University Clinic, to coincide with the opening of its new preventative healthcare facility, set to open its doors this summer.

The the new private clinic is set to offer “world-class premium screening and diagnostic services tailored to the needs of individual clients.”

The screening centre in London is the first example of a new partnership between Mayo Clinic and Oxford Uni, who will join forces for the first time to boost innovation in medical research and patient care.

The team includes Dr Robert Orford and Dr Kevin Fleming joining from Mayo Clinic US, and Dr Sihame Benmira and Dr Sandeep Kapur joining from UK-based practices.

Dr Stephen Cassivi, Medical Director at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic commented: “People in the UK are living increasingly busy lives with demanding jobs. London is one of the world’s leading cities with a high proportion of potential clients looking to stay in the best health possible - for themselves and their loved ones.

“Our exceptional new team of physicians will act as the integral force of the clinic, driving its commitment to excellence and delivering a truly unique service to everyone who walks through its doors. Selected for their passion for preventative medicine and specialised expertise, each of the four clinicians contribute a unique set of experiences to our clinic.

“I am thrilled to have these four highly specialised doctors at the heart of this exciting new project and look forward to the clinic doors opening in the summer.”

The clinic will provide an exclusive diagnostic and screening service for individuals and corporate clients seeking to take a proactive approach to their health. The companies announced that “with a focus on tailored, personalised care, a dedicated clinician will co-ordinate all aspects of the service to ensure the experience is delivered seamlessly and provides peace of mind to clients with busy lives.”