Big pharma is still being urged to offer services beyond-the-pill to deliver improvements in healthcare outcomes and meet the demands of value based care, as the delivery of health care is still organised to predominantly serve the needs of providers and staff rather than patients.

Value based healthcare can decrease the impacts and occurrence of long-lasting diseases and assist patients in living better lives in an evidence-based way.

Creating services, with a huge emphasis on AI in recent years, for better patient outcomes should be ‘the new normal’ said Jim O’Donoghue, president of S3 Connected Health, speaking at the eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona, Spain.

He also stated that the three main patient and clinical areas to address were “living with the disease, adhering to the care plan and staying informed and engaged” in order to provide the best treatment optimisation.

Value based healthcare could be the solution to stem growing costs without sacrificing service quality and patient outcomes, but changes need to be implemented to achieve these outcomes.

Medicine as a service can address many of the main challenges that pharma currently faces, such as digital innovation, real-world evidence and patient centricity, he stressed.