My mHealth and LumiraDx Care Solutions have partnered to offer digital self-care to millions of patients in the UK, combining the groups’ expertise in clinical management software and digital technology.

More than 15 million people in England are currently living with at least one long-term condition, the management of which takes up half of all GP appointments and a vast amount of the NHS’ budget.

The partnership aims to address this through the provision of a new model of supported self-care for patients on anticoagulation therapy, as well as for those with COPD, asthma, diabetes and heart disease, through a range of integrated patient and clinician digital care programmes.

Combining their innovative technologies could transform the management of long-term conditions and also help “make significant savings for the NHS by reducing hospital admissions and enabling patients to self-care under the guidance of their care teams”, the groups note.

“With the NHS under relentless and increasing pressure there has never been a greater need to improve the way that we support people with long-term conditions. Supported self-care offers a way forward – improving outcomes, helping people become more involved with their own care and reducing demands on the Health Service,” said Dr Mark Sullivan, medical director of LumiraDx.

“Education and connectivity is key to ensuring patients can self-care and we have found a real synergy between our teams for providing this in our apps and care programmes.”