Nanna Theraputics has been awarded an Innovate UK grant to discover novel drugs, helping to leverage its nanoscale medicines discovery engine.

The funding totals £829,892 and will be used to apply the company’s ground-breaking nanoscale medicines discovery engine to develop new disease modulating drugs.

The company also announced that Professor David Spring of the Chemistry Department in the University of Cambridge has joined its Scientific Advisory Board.

David brings a wealth of experience from the interface between biological systems and organic synthesis, with specific application to drug discovery. He has had a distinguished career, formally working with Sir Jack Baldwin in the University of Oxford and Professor Stuart Schreiber in Harvard University.

Dr David Williams, CEO at Nanna Therapeutics, said: “The Innovate UK funding will enable us to extend application of our novel drug discovery platform and enable additional corporate growth. Our aim is to address the growing need for effective medicines for diseases associated with an ageing population and mitochondrial dysfunction with a more efficient drug discovery process.

“It is also a pleasure to welcome Professor David Spring, another supporter of ultimately making the provision of cost-effective treatments for any disease a reality, to our team.”

Nanna Theraputics develops novel drugs to combat age-related diseases, particular those caused by mitochondrial dysfunction, and its approach could deliver cost-effective medicines rapidly, aligning with the emerging needs and healthcare costs associated with an aging population.