There are currently in excess of 9,000 medical representatives in the UK and this market will likely sustain a healthy medical representative population for the foreseeable future because there is no better way to communicate with doctors and allied professionals about new medicines.

Research has repeatedly shown that representatives are by far the most effective way to influence prescribing behaviour – and this is exactly what is required to galvanise the adoption of new medicines to help the unmet medical needs of patients.

There is little doubt that the job of medical representative is a difficult one and that they operate in an indifferent and sometimes hostile environment.

In surveying representatives, an overwhelming number recognised a need for a professional magazine that will help them better in their job and respect their career. It is for this reason, plus the fact that representatives are the pivotal link between the pharmaceutical industry and its customers, that UK publisher PharmaTimes, is launching a new magazine, just for field sales professionals.