Julie Wood, a former primary care trust chief executive in the Midlands, has joined the NHS Alliance, taking on the newly-created position of director for practice-based commissioning and its Chief Executive Transformation Network (CETNet).

The Alliance is an independent body representing over 90% of PCTs (and many of their equivalents in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), and the creation of this new position reflects its view that PCTs and practice-based commissioners need to work closely together, it says.

In addition to its representational role, the NHS Alliance claims to play a major part in supporting and developing PCTs and similar primary care organisations, and provides opportunities for them to network and exchange best practice.

Julie has worked at Director and Chief Executive level in the National Health Service over the past sixteen years. Commenting on her appointment, she said: “Primary care is where my heart is. That is what makes the NHS Alliance different. It understands that primary care has to be at the centre of the NHS if we are to provide the best possible care for patients at the same time as managing resources effectively.”